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PostPosted: Fri Jan 09, 2015 2:19 pm 
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:48 pm 
Attract public attention and application, implement large-scale on-site job fairs.
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And press speculation based on the degree of development of events.
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While the layout features a succinct fashion show, the first shot fired comprehensive publicity.
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She is a sign of Dujiangyan new business!
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She is in the forefront of fashion! She is a dynamic warm charm bloom!
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She is full of life to show value for money!
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She became popular to make colorful, unique!
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Her traditional consumption patterns will have a strong impact!
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She is - fashion shopping plaza!
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She is an extraordinary fashion consumer Complete Works,
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enjoy the popular lifestyle habits, eat, drink, play, shopping stop spending,
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How much heart, the stage is much wider!
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Fashion Mall autumn stunning debut in September,
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close to the popular front, leading the urban pioneer, fully manual Dress up the full liberalization of the popular women's shoes,
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luxury front, trend indicators, household essential, reliable service,
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18 years strong settled appliances fashion boutique shopping plaza.
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Here the meaning of "pop", referring to the popular fashion, refers to the project
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The 1970s and 1980s-born population has gradually promoted to the mainstream of social consumption.
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In the domestic commercial market,
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Slow reaction old project project aside for emerging opportunities.
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Convenient location success has two elements:
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From a global perspective, Wal-Mart, Costco, Fred Fernandez, are positioned at a low price to win market retailers.
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Emotional experience, and many other performance to establish a unified image,
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so that the project can be labeled with a theme of the label,
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with the details of the project and establish personalized features, then this empathy customer base will come here.
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building to enhance the value of mining from the outside,
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looking for opportunities to be a classic positioning techniques,
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but in fact serious homogenization of the contemporary business world,
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more and more of the positioning of thinking began to reflect on the value of the project from its own internal characteristics,
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The building itself used to distinguish the characteristics of the positioning is increasingly used.
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If a commercial project to enhance the emotional,
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for the customer to produce a "want to repeat the consumer experience" emotional driving force,
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then this project will undoubtedly be able to securely lock in customers with a significant competitive advantage.
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McDonald's is the most adept at establishing an emotional connection with the customer's business.
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such as the current relative lack of domestic recreational client resources,
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planning area is too large at the time the investment is difficult to achieve;
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if dining entertainment formats rental affordability is relatively low,
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even though it is possible to introduce a large area,
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When integrated positioning format you want to pay special attention to interaction between each other.
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As at the time of the introduction of the bar,
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because it mainly depends on the day and clothing sales flow of relatively strong interactive format
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the highest grade of the project,
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and hope to be able to attract high-end brand,
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However, high-end brands, especially luxury brands,
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is intended for a narrow group of people,
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so quite a lot of luxury brands in a city will only open a shop,
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For unplanned expansion of store brands,
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even if there is no better business conditions, payment funded renovation,
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shopping mall model limitations on the pattern classification can be divided into shopping centers
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Mall store shop is a combination of outlook,
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the implementation of the store cashier dispersed,
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relatively small-business owners to manage the mall;
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the department store cash register is uniform, the effect of the use of open-style stores,
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shopping malls and the overall implementation of relatively strong unified management.
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the business operation and management capability for self also relatively strong,
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take a shopping center mode of operation has a relatively mature foundation.
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In some small cities, brand quality is generally not high, and almost all agents operate,
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so take a strong management department store would be more beneficial.
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With the popularity of Internet in the country, the increasing development of e-commerce,
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increasing the number of Internet users, the rise of online shopping,
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online shopping has gradually penetrated into people's lives,
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Online shopping is evolved on the basis of traditional shopping,
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reflect the requirements and needs of more consumers will be able to click a mouse to complete a shopping behavior,
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so shop marketing it is very important,
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and how in order to meet consumers' desire to shop and purchase psychology,
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bring benefits to the shop, which is the primary consideration shop marketing.
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Reasonable and effective marketing tool that can help shop with limited resources,
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to retain existing customers and attract new customers into more,
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achieve a multiplier effect, to promote the development and growth of e-commerce shop.
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Therefore, it is necessary to explore consumer online shopping behavior and online marketing strategy,
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e-commerce shop (website) for the development of great significance can not be underestimated.
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Marketing Strategy marketing shop, the consumer is the core issue that must be considered.
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Consumers' desire to buy, buy and buy psychological motivations are affecting the development,
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implementation and smooth development of the marketing strategy of the shop,
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Under the influence of the network environment, consumer behavior is more characteristic and personality requirements,
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the traditional network marketing has been unable to meet the consumer's shopping psychology,
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Consumer awareness of the product is increasing significantly reduce the opportunity cost of a network of consumer awareness,
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to make the shopping process more in line with their own needs and preferences of shopping decisions,
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the value of the product split and combination of resources and the use of other ways to promote their products,
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consumer online shopping behavior of consumers online shopping behavior and characteristics
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of the consumer online shopping behavior can be affected by various factors,
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Consumers shopping network, the web interface personalization beautiful design,
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website outstanding reputation, higher website visibility,
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generate some generate the corresponding purchase motivations.
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the product features and quality for consumers to buy influence decisions.
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Online consumers have their own characteristics,
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which determines the buying behavior and not all of its goods are suitable for online sales and online marketing activities.
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According to the data: consumers believe online transactions
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From this data we can see that the consumption of online features and network security product and services
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the impact of commodity prices. Internet information on the richness and openness,
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consumers are more likely to compare prices of commodities.
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For the same kind of goods, consumers are more inclined to cheap.
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As online sales without the high cost of traditional marketing, it has a price advantage.
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For example, this consumer psychology "Special Hot" section.
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Consumers can enter the column, you can easily get information about various products and selling price,
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This online shopping to meet consumers seeking affordable psychology.
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shopping convenience and the convenience of shopping channels.
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online shopping were accounted for 49.29% of the total number of consumer-based online and save time.
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Visible, online shoppers are generally for convenience.
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Network provides 24-hour service, holidays or business time limit does not exist.
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online store pages, easy to navigate design operations,
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information services online store fast online ordering procedure simplification and humane.
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Relatively easy to set up online stores, and thus easy to fraud, consumers are also skeptical.
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Consumers therefore many network marketing companies will continue to aid the physical facilities to enhance the credibility and visibility,
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In addition, the Internet is an open and free system,
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there is a lack of appropriate legal and other means to regulate,
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Online consumers in the purchase process will be affected by various factors,
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Consumer online shopping is mainly psychological characteristics:
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active thinking, fanciful, adventurous, these characteristics are reflected in consumer psychology,
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In the context of the internet, consumers in front of a computer mouse
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In the context of the internet, consumers in front of a computer mouse
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The new, extraordinary and beautiful" merchandise.
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a strong pursuit of independence, they will consciously or unconsciously manifested in all kinds of different activities.
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Therefore, in the purchase of goods, they are not just chasing new by different,
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so that the basis of individual psychological desire for the selection and purchase of goods or services possible.
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Develop marketing strategy as consumers shop online shopping needs change,
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Different consumer online shopping behavior, shop marketing strategy will be different,
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Consumers can tap the mouse, you can make the best boutique in front now.
Italian fashion brand, by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921, was founded.
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Gucci products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, neckties, scarves, perfumes,
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Gucci has always been high-end fashion brands, luxury, sexy and famous, as "a symbol of status and wealth
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Brand become rich consumer darling of high society,
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the business community has always been favored, while yet elegant fashion.
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Gucci is now Italy's largest fashion groups.
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Gucci - timeless, classic and popular stars of all ages,
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the brand is inspired by the actor, the princess and the ladies and other outstanding Women.
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Today, its creative director: Frida Jana Ni (Frida Giannini),
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The long history of this brand to a whole new level. Its products include:
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Classic shoes, luxury handbags,Jewelry watches and fragrance and so on.
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Belle Belle is the launch of a brand.
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the urban environment and constantly changing,
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constantly changing fashion trends, constantly changing content of life,
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a woman's role in life and constantly changing.
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Belle show internal and external changes in the perfect temperament.
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Belle simple leather into female and male, including handbags,
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Teenmix, he or she, STACCATO shoes sold in the domestic market, etc.
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On the basis of production and processing enterprises,
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developed rapidly integrated production and marketing conglomerate,
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famous shoe brand chain management company.
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Is a media conglomerate listed on the New York Stock Exchange,
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It had its avant-garde in the world of pornographic images make a lot of money,
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"Playboy" to the liberal tendencies of speech is known for its articles are generally very high level.
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Nude "Playboy" inside the "noble taste", "music without prostitution"
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As an attraction, taking the high style,
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the middle line of entertainment consumption.
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Playboy and its bunny trademark has become one of the symbols of American culture.
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American public to know and love the brand, more than 100 years of history.
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Hanes (Hanes) is the parent company of Chicago, clothing,
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represents fashion women dress, taste and beauty of the eternal pursuit;
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she will be jewelry, diamonds, jewelry, noble quality and individuality integration,
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creating a perfect design, fully embodies the spirit of the modern city.
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both mature and sexy art style, but also Asians advocates simple,
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absorbed the essence of the concept of European and American fashion apparel,
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keen to capture the international fashion elements;
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at the same time learn from different geographical and cultural characteristics,
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the integration of ethnic traditions, color combinations,
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and a profound grasp of the details of the interpretation of the idea of always "enjoy the sparkling" in.
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Prada 1913, Prada in downtown Milan, Italy, founded the first boutique,
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founder Mario · Prada (Mario Prada) fashion design and high-quality handbags,
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luggage, leather accessories and cosmetics cases and other products obtained from the royal family and the love and pursuit of high society.
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Today, it still favored boutiques still has a high reputation and prestige in the Italian upper classes of society,
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Prada value embodied in products has been regarded as extraordinary in everyday life to enjoy.
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Levi's (Levi) is one of the most famous names from the western United States.
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Because of this stronger than cotton pants pants wearable and very popular.
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Thus, Li Weisuo of opening a company specializing in canvas overalls,
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English called Ray-Ban Ray-Ban, Ray for the glare, Ban namely blocking,
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blocking glare of the light that is the essence of sunglasses.
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Ray-Ban is the US Air Force to produce a reflective mirror sunglasses inclined to provide the user with maximum eye protection.
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Based on this, in 1930, Bausch & Lomb developed to absorb the most sunlight, at least divergence of heat to maintain a good clear vision of Ray-Ban sunglasses.
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Ray-Ban sunglasses in addition to a good protection, designers will design its shape to highlight the rugged style of valiant soldiers temperament.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:05 am 
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